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Update: How Is Ontario’s Rental Housing Industry Weathering The Pandemic Downturn?

Back on May 5th I wrote a post in which I speculated about the short, medium, and long term affects of the pandemic on Ontario’s rental housing industry. Do I stand by my predictions? Do I think something else might happen? Generally speaking, I stand by what I wrote… mostly. I think my short-term predictions were fairly sound, even if… Read more »

How is Ontario’s Rental Housing Industry Weathering the Pandemic Downturn?

Last year, in November, I wrote a post asking “Is the rental housing industry recession-proof?” In that post I mentioned that the industry didn’t seem badly affected by the 2008-2009 recession, which was probably a fair conclusion, at least based on what I saw at the time. In that post I also speculated about how the industry might fare in… Read more »

Vacancies & Raising Rents

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In a previous post I referred to a report on rental housing (released by RBC’s economics department) which claimed that vacancies need to be increased if rents are to stabilize or increase at a slower rate. In my comments I said that even in a high vacancy rental housing market there are reasons why landlords would increase rents by significant… Read more »

Velocity Of Rentals: Why Higher Turnover Is Better Than Higher Vacancies

In a previous post I referred to a report on rental housing released by RBC’s economics department which claimed that enough new rentals need to be constructed (in Toronto, primarily) to increase vacancies so that rent “sustainably stabilize”. In my post I commented on the report, explaining that higher vacancies do not necessarily mean lower rents nor a halt or… Read more »

Turning Over A New Building

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This past Sunday (November 24th) the Toronto Star published an article discussing the current provincial government’s reversion back to the rent control rules we’ve had since the late 1990s and the effects on tenants, some of whom are seeing big increases in rents on lease expiry. Of course, tenants in ‘old’ purpose-built rental buildings fall under rent control which means… Read more »