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Renters & Commute Times

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In a previous post dated August 5, 2020, I compared the percentage of households which are renting to the percentage of workers who use public transit to commute in Ontario’s ten largest cities and ten selected smaller cities. In this post, I add commute duration (measured as the percentage of workers who spend an hour or more commuting to the… Read more »

Renters & Public Transit

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One question that has long intrigued me is the question of whether or not public transit use is related to renting? On the face of it, it seems likely: renter households typically have lower incomes than owner households, and in theory at least may be more likely to use public transit than personal vehicles (which are more costly to own… Read more »

Re-Purposing Parking Garages

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Everyone talks about how autonomous or self-driving cars are coming and when they get here then they might eliminate the need for many renters to own cars. Not everyone agrees they’ll be as ubiquitous or paradigm ‘disrupting’ as boosters claim, and everyone ignores the need to vastly improve and expand public transit which could be just even more transformative than… Read more »

Parking Coverage in Rental Apartment Buildings

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One of the most common concerns developers have is the cost of parking. Constructing underground parking spaces in new rental buildings costs between $20,000 to $50,000 per space. That’s a big range. I have no way of narrowing down that range myself, or even checking its basic accuracy since it’s based on estimates I’ve been told by various people in… Read more »