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What Are Renters Paying In Niagara?

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Late last year I wrote a post (dated September 21, 2020) which used Census data to answer the question, “What are renters renting in Niagara?” I found that the bulk of Niagara’s renter households are most likely to rent detached houses and units in multi-unit buildings with less than five floors, followed by multi-unit buildings with more than five floors…. Read more »

What Are Renters Renting In Niagara?

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This post is a follow-up to my recent post (dated September 10th) which looked at Census data which showed what types of dwellings (houses, townhouses, apartments, etc.) Niagara’s households were living in. This post takes a look at similar data but focuses on renter households in an effort to answer the question, What are renters renting? The following tables reproduce… Read more »

Projecting Future Housing Demand: Niagara

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How much housing will be needed in the future? That’s the most important question for developers and lenders who want to know if the new housing projects which they’re proposing to build will be needed. Obviously, it’s impossible to answer that question with much accuracy, since by definition the future is impossible to predict. That hasn’t stopped Ontario’s Ministry of… Read more »

“Too Much House”

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We’ve all heard the phrase “too much house,” which we generally understand to refer to people who own or occupy much larger houses than they need. Is this a real phenomenon which is supported statistically, or is it just an urban legend sort of thing? Recently, while preparing a report for a client, I noticed something interesting in a set… Read more »

Renting Instead of Owning

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Any market survey intended to be used as a guide for setting rents should compare total monthly renting costs versus total monthly home ownership costs. After all, if it costs more per month to rent than to own, why would households rent a house or apartment if they can own a condo or house for less? Answering this question properly… Read more »

Breaking Down the Housing Market

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Before digging deeply into rental housing, I want to make sure readers understand how the housing supply breaks down. First, the Census (conducted by Statistics Canada every five years) counts the total number of “occupied private dwellings”, which are all dwellings of any kind being occupied by households. In the Census, one dwelling is occupied by one household, and dwellings… Read more »