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Question: How Fast Will New Rentals Be Absorbed?

To start, let’s state the obvious: the easiest way to ensure your new rental building leases quickly and starts generating revenues as soon as possible is to ask rents which are affordable or ‘attainable’. But few, if any, developers have the luxury of asking rents that the bulk of renters can afford. The reality is that every developer, given development… Read more »

Estimating the Number of New Rentals Needed in Southern Ontario

NOTE: Before reading this post, readers should read my first post in 2019 in which I explain how housing markets in Ontario can be separated by type and tenure. We can separate purpose-built rentals into three categories: (1) old rentals built pre-2000, (2) new rentals built in 2000 or later, and (3) the number of new rentals needed to reach… Read more »

Rental Supply Density in Southern Ontario

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Rental supply density is a calculation that compares a city or town’s total population to its total amount of rentals and is expressed as the ratio of total rental units for every 1,000 people. Basically, the higher the rental supply density number, the greater the number of rentals versus the city’s population. The number of rentals used in the calculation… Read more »