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Staying Put: Non-Movers in Census Data

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One of the more obscure data points in the Census is what Statistics Canada calls “mobility,” the number of people who moved or didn’t move. In the Census this is measured as the number of people who were living at the same or a different address one year before or five years before, and, if they moved during that period,… Read more »

How Can Renters Find Rentals?

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Here’s my guide to finding rentals for prospective renters. Probably the first thing prospective renters are going to do to find an apartment is a Google search. I’ve been using Google searches and online listing services as a market surveyor and mystery shopper for over 15 years to hunt for rental buildings. These days I don’t consider Google searches much… Read more »

Consulting: What is the Consultant’s Role in the Industry?

What is the role of a consultant in the rental housing industry? There are two main roles for consultants. The first role is to assemble information for clients. These days, this is mostly done using the internet, including Google maps, MLS, CMHC, Statistics Canada, and other online sources of information. This role does not involve any significant analysis or interpretation… Read more »

Why YIMBY is actually NIMBY

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NIMBY refers, of course, to Not In My Back Yard, the label traditionally applied to people who fight development proposals (usually higher densities) in their neighbourhoods. These are the people who say “I don’t want that in my back yard” or, more precisely, “I don’t want that built near my property.” It’s actually a pretty natural thing to prefer that… Read more »


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Welcome to, a website devoted to researching and discussing rental apartments and rental housing in southern Ontario. Why rental housing? According to the 2016 Census, 30% of dwellings in Ontario are rented. That’s over 1.5 million apartments, condos, townhouses, duplexes, single family houses, basement apartments, rooms, and trailers. That’s a huge portion of Ontario’s housing supply and it’s worth… Read more »