Silent Running…

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Each day I receive hundreds—no, thousands!—of emails from readers hungry for more posts and wondering why I haven’t posted in a few months. The explanation is that I have some articles in the hopper and ideas for a lot more, but I’m waiting for all of the data from the 2021 Census to be released so I can incorporate the latest demographic and housing data.

Here’s the official release schedule:

Readers with good memories will remember that the 2021 Census was conducted in May 2021. Keeping mind the official release schedule, that means the first data released this year (in February) is now 9 months old, and the last data to be released this year (in November) will be 18 months old.

The housing data, which I find most interesting and useful for the sort of work I do, will be 17 months old when released (in September). That’s nearly a year and a half.

That’s ridiculous. It’s just data. It was collected online. Get it done, get it released.