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Don’t Dodge The Solution!

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One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that almost everyone, myself included, has a tendency to avoid or dodge solutions to problems, especially if those solutions require lots of hard work, lots of resources, and lots of discipline (the most difficult of all). Instead of implementing a solution that will fix a problem, we tend to indulge… Read more »

Rental Housing Types: Risk vs Reward

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For some reason the other day I started thinking about the risks and rewards of different types of purpose-built rental housing. Risk is a complex thing and varies from project to project and developer to developer, but, at least from a high-level perspective, it’s probably best defined as absorption risk (how fast will available rentals be leased?) and to a… Read more »

Some Further Thoughts on Target Renters…

I remember that the first serious job I had to do when I started as a consultant in the rental housing industry (in my first week!) was to review a rent roll for a high-rise rental building in central Toronto, an older concrete slab tower almost entirely composed of 1 bed and 2 bed apartments. The landlord had kept reasonably… Read more »