“Sophisticated Investors Are Desperate To Buy”

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The Globe & Mail newspaper recently (December 6th, 2020) published an article entitled “Sophisticated investors are desperate to buy Canada’s apartment buildings; values soar despite Covid-19”. You can read the article via the link below (unless they’ve moved it behind a paywall):


This is a great article and nearly every paragraph contains something informative. I strongly recommend reading it if you have five minutes to spare.

The only paragraph I have an issue with is the one which compares population growth in Toronto and Ottawa to housing unit growth: as regular readers of this site will know, you need to compare the ratio of population to housing (rental housing) to get a true sense of whether a city is undersupplied or not.

But that’s small beer. The most important take-away from this article is that there exists huge unmet demand for rental apartment buildings among institutional investors, mirroring the huge unmet demand for quality rental housing among householders. Ontario needs more purpose-built rentals!