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The Universal Rental Building

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Back in 2014 I was going to dinner with a friend in the industry and I drove past one of those highway interchanges that allow major arterial roads access. In the suburban GTA most highway interchanges have one or two or three hotels clustered around them. That evening I realized that all of those hotels are basically the same: eight… Read more »

What Are Renters Renting In Niagara?

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This post is a follow-up to my recent post (dated September 10th) which looked at Census data which showed what types of dwellings (houses, townhouses, apartments, etc.) Niagara’s households were living in. This post takes a look at similar data but focuses on renter households in an effort to answer the question, What are renters renting? The following tables reproduce… Read more »

Projecting Future Housing Demand: Niagara

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How much housing will be needed in the future? That’s the most important question for developers and lenders who want to know if the new housing projects which they’re proposing to build will be needed. Obviously, it’s impossible to answer that question with much accuracy, since by definition the future is impossible to predict. That hasn’t stopped Ontario’s Ministry of… Read more »