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Don’t Stop Hiring During The Pandemic!

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Don’t stop hiring during the pandemic. Yes, I know the economy looks shaky, and yes, I know that the first instinct of everyone who owns or operates a business is to clamp down on spending, but the pandemic isn’t going to last forever and most of the rental housing industry is doing okay. Perhaps if your portfolio contains a bunch… Read more »

Rent Growth: Old vs New Purpose-Built Rentals

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Looking back, it turns out I haven’t talked about rent growth in any of my posts, so that’s what this post is going to be about. Every year CMHC reports average rents for purpose-built rentals for most major cities in Ontario. By looking at historical CMHC data and doing a few simple calculations we can compare rent growth over time… Read more »

“Too Much House”

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We’ve all heard the phrase “too much house,” which we generally understand to refer to people who own or occupy much larger houses than they need. Is this a real phenomenon which is supported statistically, or is it just an urban legend sort of thing? Recently, while preparing a report for a client, I noticed something interesting in a set… Read more »

Renters & Public Transit

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One question that has long intrigued me is the question of whether or not public transit use is related to renting? On the face of it, it seems likely: renter households typically have lower incomes than owner households, and in theory at least may be more likely to use public transit than personal vehicles (which are more costly to own… Read more »