Consulting: What Attributes Does A Consultant Need For Success?

In a previous post on the roles that a consultant fills in the rental housing industry, I identified four attributes which I think are important for consultants to acquire and exercise when working in the industry if they want to be successful. Those attributes are experience, knowledge, problem solving, and professionalism.

Experience and Knowledge are acquired side-by-side but they can be mutual exclusive and acquiring one does not necessarily mean acquiring both. Experience and knowledge provide a foundation for consultants to help their clients with Problem Solving, which is the key task or key value which consultants bring to their clients. Professionalism helps consultants interact with clients and other industry participants in ways that bring the consultant’s maximum value to clients and build a successful career.

I’ll discuss each of these four attributes in an upcoming series of posts, so check back in the weeks to come. In the meantime, here’s a chart!