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Consulting: Experience

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At the beginning of this series on consulting, I discussed the role of consultants in the rental housing industry and explained that interpreting information and formulating recommendations for clients can be a complex challenge that requires experience, knowledge, problem-solving, and professionalism, attributes which not every consultant possesses. In this post, the first in this series, I’m going to talk about… Read more »

Consulting: What Attributes Does A Consultant Need For Success?

In a previous post on the roles that a consultant fills in the rental housing industry, I identified four attributes which I think are important for consultants to acquire and exercise when working in the industry if they want to be successful. Those attributes are experience, knowledge, problem solving, and professionalism. Experience and Knowledge are acquired side-by-side but they can… Read more »

Consulting: What is the Consultant’s Role in the Industry?

What is the role of a consultant in the rental housing industry? There are two main roles for consultants. The first role is to assemble information for clients. These days, this is mostly done using the internet, including Google maps, MLS, CMHC, Statistics Canada, and other online sources of information. This role does not involve any significant analysis or interpretation… Read more »

How is Ontario’s Rental Housing Industry Weathering the Pandemic Downturn?

Last year, in November, I wrote a post asking “Is the rental housing industry recession-proof?” In that post I mentioned that the industry didn’t seem badly affected by the 2008-2009 recession, which was probably a fair conclusion, at least based on what I saw at the time. In that post I also speculated about how the industry might fare in… Read more »