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A Reminder Of The Importance Of Defining Purpose-Built Rentals

In this website’s second post, which I made back in July 2019, I explained how the rental supply should always be broken down into purpose-built and non-purpose-built rentals. Purpose-built rentals are dwelling units intended to be used as rentals and are usually found in multi-unit apartment buildings and townhouse complexes. Non-purpose-built rentals are dwelling units intended to be owned but… Read more »

Re-Purposing Parking Garages

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Everyone talks about how autonomous or self-driving cars are coming and when they get here then they might eliminate the need for many renters to own cars. Not everyone agrees they’ll be as ubiquitous or paradigm ‘disrupting’ as boosters claim, and everyone ignores the need to vastly improve and expand public transit which could be just even more transformative than… Read more »

Taking A Close Look At London

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Recently, while fiddling around with some CMHC data for London, I put together the following charts based on some calculations I was making with the data. These charts compare the growth in the supply of purpose-built rental apartments and townhouses versus average vacancies and average rents, by building age, for the period 2004 to 2019. Building age is separated into… Read more »