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Velocity Of Rentals: Why Higher Turnover Is Better Than Higher Vacancies

In a previous post I referred to a report on rental housing released by RBC’s economics department which claimed that enough new rentals need to be constructed (in Toronto, primarily) to increase vacancies so that rent “sustainably stabilize”. In my post I commented on the report, explaining that higher vacancies do not necessarily mean lower rents nor a halt or… Read more »

Income Tax & Urbanism

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Eddy Elfenbein, a U.S. investor and portfolio manager, recently posted on Twitter (on November 7th, 2019) the following tax plan: “My tax plan is simple. You choose your own marginal rate. The catch? That’s also your personal speed limit.” He almost certainly was joking, but it’s an interesting idea and if by some chance it was adopted it would have… Read more »

Unit Mixes for New Rentals, Part I

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What unit mix should developers choose for new rental projects? In previous posts I’ve made the point that there is such a large gap between supply and demand for rentals in most cities in southern Ontario that almost any rentals that are constructed will be leased. That’s not what developers, investors, and lenders want to hear, however, so I think… Read more »